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InnoVentiv est déterminé à fournir des solutions de ventilation élégantes et démocratiques sur le marché. Cela se fait avec une idée constante de simplicité et d'éducation pour prouver qu'il existe des moyens plus faciles et plus physiologiques de fournir une assistance à la ventilation avec moins de complexité.

Customizable services based on
Your specific needs

Our customers – start-ups or fully operational enterprises, as well as research centers and independent entrepreneurs – all face the same risks and share the same challenges as you. Through our experience we can help you effectively navitage your way to success.

  • Do you need regulatory advice ?
  • Are you developing an innovative product and need clinical validation ?
  • Are you looking into expanding into new markets ?

Wherever you are currently operating, and wherever your target market is, we can make sure that you achieve your goals.

We can offer our customers advice within the following categories…

Co-working Business Team Consulting meeting Planning with digital tablet Strategy Analysis investment and saving concept. meeting discussing new plan financial graph data.

Strategic planning

Identify your strong points, and the areas where you need support to meet the market needs now and in the future
  • EU public funding
  • Due diligence
  • Investor selection

Quality Management

Shifting the mindset of redundant paperwork to processes that truly add value to your product and ultimately to your customers.
  • Quality system implementation and improvement (ISO13485, ISO9001, 21 QSR 820, MDR, MDSAP)
  • Internal audit
  • Supplier Management
  • Third party audit preparation and facilitation
  • Design control
  • Production control
  • Quality Agreements
  • Quality management for distributors
  • Computer System Validaiton

Marketing and Sales

Your product is developed… and now what? We can help you reach
  • Market Analysis
  • Competition and price analysis
  • Business model drafting
  • Identification and selection of distributors
  • Marketing activities

Clinical Affairs

Involving clinical professionals throghout your product development and marketing is crucial for success in the regulated and competitive market.
  • User needs definition
  • Clinical research
  • Clinical evaluation and validation
  • Clinical trials
  • Usability studies

Regulatory Affairs

The decisions you make can fuel your growth, or create unnecessary obstacles. We help you navigate the complexities and practical implications of different requirements across world markets and developing the best strategy for your current and future needs.
  • EU Compliance
  • MDR implementation
  • Regulatory classification and strategy
  • Identificaiton of regulatory requirements and standards
  • Vigilance and post market surveillance
  • Labeling
  • Submissions and registration

Other Services

Several activities require collateral knowledge across functions. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts and collaborators we can bridge the gaps for you.
  • Digitalization
  • Legal translations
  • E-Health Applications
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Warehousing opportunities
  • International legal support

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