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InnoVentiv is a solution-minded association of MedTech and Life Science experts, ready to answer your most complex challenges. From the very beginning, the company stands out for its high level of responsibility and a deep awareness of the importance of quality.

InnoVentiv consists of two complementary divisions :


Respiratory Care

InnoVentiv Respiratory Care is driven to deliver elegant ventilation solutions to the market. With an exclusive product range, and deep understanding in mechanical ventilation and respiratory physiology, we can offer the most appropriate tools and solutions to a highly demanding network.

The company is focused on different levels of market segments, including difficult airways, acute ventilation from NICU to ICU, anesthesiology, non-invasive ventilation and high frequency ventilation modes.

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InnoVentiv Consulting is a network of experienced professionals specialized in various areas the Life Science and MedTech sectors.

InnoVentiv consulting services are tailored to help businesses, whether rising startups or established corporations, to reach their highest potential. Our services range from market research, business development, product development, quality management and regulatory affairs to marketing, sales and distribution.

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International Team


Didier Moens

Founder, CEO
Who am I ?

Didier has spent his life with respiratory care. Growing up in a Belgian family company specialized in the Cardio-Thoracic MedTech market, he has gained unique hands-on experience on the field, acting as a valued technical and clinical application advisor for clinics around Europe. In addition, he holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance.

Over the years, Didier developed his professional skills in advanced mechanical ventilation solutions and respiratory diagnostics. He is active since more than 25 years leading distribution businesses as well as international sales and marketing in various companies such as Acutronic Medical systems and Vyaire.  Based on this lifelong experience, Didier has a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of the distribution network, as well as the manufacturers’ concerns.

Above all, Didier is a passionate advocate for better devices and better care through deep understanding of respiratory physiology and of the everyday challenges faced in clinical practice. With his open and curious mindset, he seeks to break communication barriers and biases between the various technical, clinical and commercial parties involved in respiratory medicine, and so to inspire innovation.

Didier’s wish with InnoVentiv is to share his expertise and ideas with the network, and to develop new and more clever solutions with inspired partners.


Daniel Lacher

Director Jet Ventilation and Difficult Airways Management
Who am I ?

After finalizing  his studies as MBA with focus in Sales and Marketing, Daniel joined a company specialized in fiberoptic illumination and endoscopy where he took care of different positions within the organization before to finally focus in business development of endoscopic and visualization systems.

During this period his expertise got first contacts with new challenges in difficult airway and jet ventilation.

After 30 years in this endoscopy field, Daniel took up the challenge to join a longterm established company in the field of Anesthesia and neonatologic Ventilation and excelled at the task of business director DAM and jet ventilation.

During these decades of dedication and passion, covering different technologies and mixing the best of the two worlds of endoscopy and ventilation, Daniel could develop a clear view of potentials for improvement and simplification of applications with always in mind the patient safety and operators needs


Peter Biro

CMA, Chief Medical Advisor
Who am I ?

Prof. Dr. Peter Biro looks back on over 35 years of clinical activity and experience in all fields of anesthesiology. During this period, he predominantly focused on problems connected to airway management and anesthesia ventilation. Securing the airway is a main skill in anesthesiology that deals with the potential risks of hypoxemia, brain damage and anesthesia related mortality. In 2006 Biro invented and developed with a local company the hybrid intubation stylet “SensaScope”. Besides, he was involved in developing the standards of acute post-anesthesia care, obstetric anesthesia, fetal surgery, robotic surgery and pharmacological questions. His habilitation in 2001 focused on clinical aspects of High Frequency Jet Ventilation. More recently Peter Biro has made substantial contributions to clinical aspects of blocking neuromuscular transmission and relaxometry. His most recent major achievement is the co-invention of a novel artificial intelligence based and robotic assisted intubation device, which is in its first phase of industrial development. Peter Biro has published 68 original articles, 30 review articles, 22 book chapters and 7 books. His articles have been cited 1’700 times and he has accumulated 18’000 reads. According to Scopus, Peter Biro’s h-index is 20. The number of invited lectures in various national and international institutions is exceeding 250.


Anthony Trifu

General Manager InnoVentiv Europe
Who am I ?

Anthony holds a post-graduate in business engineering and is the young and dynamic General Manager of InnoVentiv Europe.

His task is to take care of the european distribution network from the Euro headquarters located in Brussels. He is in close contact with clinical practicians and the commercial partners in order to improve the overall contact experience.

He has always been interested in applied science and operations management. This is the reason why he chosed the path of MedTech at InnoVentiv. For him, technology and healthcare are tied; their combination enables us to provide solutions which increase the patient’s well-being while reducing the aftermaths of his treatment.

Dominique Näher

Office Manager
Who am I ?

Dominique has completed commercial training and gained experiences in various industries where she enjoyed speaking languages such as German, English, French and Italian.

In the past years, she has taken on various challenges such as customer care, supplier care as well as import and export. She has also undergone further training accordingly. Her focus is always to find solution between producer, supplier and customer. As the saying goes, problems are there to be solved.

Dominique’s wish with InnoVentiv is to support our sales and customer and have a long, honest, successful cooperation together.

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