Eletrical Impedance Tomography

The benefits of EIT

Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) has undergone significant advancements since its conceptual inception in the 1970s. Providing today a non-invasive means to monitor ventilation and air variations in the lungs. EIT is on the verge of becoming the new standard of bedside lung monitoring in intensive care units.

Using two belts of electrodes placed around the patient’s thorax, the variation of air in the lungs can be observed in real-time and at bedside. This significant milestone gives the possibility to health care professionals to individualize ventilation thanks to instantaneous visual feedback of the patient’s status.

With the ENLIGHT 2100 and the devoted team behind it at Timpel Medical, health care specialists can have access to a radiation free solution to support daily interventions a physician, nurse or respiratory therapist as our Electrical Impedance Tomograph is compatible with all ventilators.

The goal of Timpel is to spend less time making treatment decisions based on assumptions but rather with precise, regional and live information. Enabling assessment of an individual’s response to ventilatory changes while allowing clinical actions and measurements to reduce complications.

As the ENLIGHT 2100 can be used to provide comprehensive oversight of patients from the moment of ICU admission through the crucial weaning process. This continuous monitoring ensures timely interventions and optimal patient care, bridging the gap between technology and medicine for an improved outcomes and this is important because every patient is unique.

– “One size does not fit all”