High Frequency Jet Ventilation - An introduction to the Monsoon 4

High-frequency jet ventilation (HFJV) has emerged as a valuable tool in the armamentarium of anaesthetists, offering unique advantages in a variety of clinical scenarios. This technique, characterized by the delivery of high-velocity gas bursts at frequencies significantly higher than conventional ventilation, has gained widespread recognition for its ability to maintain adequate ventilation during procedures involving the airway and surrounding structures.

At the heart of HFJV lies the principle of rapid gas exchange, achieved through the delivery of high-pressure gas pulses. This mechanism ensures efficient gas flow, oxygenation, and ventilation, even in the presence of partial airway obstruction. The Monsoon 4’s exceptional versatility stems from its ability to deliver a wide range of frequencies, ranging from 4 to 1600 breaths per minute. 

With our dear partners at Thora Tech GmbH, a company deeply rooted in innovation and driven by a team of experienced professionals, we are proud to present to you the Monsoon 4, a state-of-the-art HFJV system that embodies the best of the technological advancement in this field. Thora Tech’s experienced team has been providing technical expertise and application support for jet ventilation for 15 years.

The Monsoon 4 seamlessly integrates with a variety of standard applicators, including rigid bronchoscopes, micro-laryngoscopes, laser-resistant jet catheters, and ravussin cannulas. This compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing equipment and workflows.

The Monsoon 4’s versatility extends to a wide range of clinical applications including both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Its ability to provide adequate ventilation and maintain thoracic stability can be an invaluable asset in the following areas: 

  • Interventional bronchoscopy (diagnosis, EBUS, stents, valves under rigid bronchoscopy) 
  • Micro-laryngeal surgery (safe use under laser, supraglottic and infraglottic ventilation) 
  • Thoracic surgery (segment resections, braces resections, single lung ventilation) 
  • Calm thorax during ablations, microsurgery, imaging procedures, and radiation 

To learn more about the Monsoon 4 and how it can enhance your practice, please contact us at info@innoventiv.com or through the contact form.

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