Non Invasive Ventilation

Our non-invasive ventilation (NIV) solutions offer comfortable respiratory support through masks, helping you breathe easier during sleep or manage chronic conditions.

Breathe easier, recover faster with non-invasive ventilation!

BiPAP Therapy is the gold standard in advanced respiratory support.

Tailored Breathing Support: BiPAP machines offer more customised therapy compared to CPAP. They deliver two adjustable pressure settings, one for inhalation (higher) and another for exhalation (lower), providing optimal support for various respiratory issues.

More about our solution

Ventura TFM (Total Full Face Masks) are the ideal choice for single and multi-patient use on ventilated patients, whether clinically or non-clinically invasive. They are quick and easy to clean, disinfect and sterilise. In addition, the masks offer optimal wearing comfort due to their secure, comfortable mask fit and light weight.

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